While Batman is tracking down the person responsible for injecting several Arkham Asylum inmates with a mixture of Plant-life, Venom and Scarecrow's fear gas, he learns that Ivy has been kidnapped. Just like in the comics, Ivy controlled Bane and then Controlled catwoman to steal. Ivy then tried to make amends by instantly growing an impressive assortment of exotic fruit for Selina's breakfast. Conner uses his x-ray vision to locate any signs of life while at the same time scoping out Ivy since her pheromones haven’t exactly worn off. There, Selina discovered that Ivy had similarly taken Harley Quinn into her new sanctuary. With the march of the army of Rot, Ivy left behind her villainous ways and tried to battle them though she ultimately failed. Poison Ivy is one of the many villains that was teleported back in time (Feudal Japan to be exact) with Batman. Together, they stole an ancient Egyptian artifact that contained an herb, but the moment the job was a success, Marc decided to kill her with the poisonous herb inside and keep all of the profits himself. A recent impressive use of her power is to channel her consciousness into plant material even at great distances, growing and animating it into a formidable plant avatar under her control. They plan to unleash a virus which will turn all humans into plant-hybrids but Harley Quinn eventually gets her to rethink her plan and she aids Batman, Dick Grayson and Harley in stopping Floronic Man. Poison Ivy (Pamela Isley) is a supervillainess in the DC Universe and is an enemy of Batman, though she did also fight evil for a time as a member of the Birds of Prey. She and the rest of the Injustice League members were then captured and sent to prison by the Justice League. It is then they met Poison Ivy and Harley who ask them if they were going to eat the Salad bowl they were carrying. When they first meet, Ivy's toxic lips planted a seed of toxic rapture in Bruce. Amanda Waller asks them to prepare more just in case. Freeze. Enemy boss. First Appearance. Ivy and the Orphans (“No Man’s Land,” 1999-2000) After Gotham City was decimated by an earthquake and deemed a disaster area by the U.S. government, it was evacuated and abandoned. 92 - $34.13 $ 34 . Ivy leaves clues behind that leads Batman to the Harmon Islands, where he is ambushed by Deathstroke, Scarecrow, White Rabbit, and finally Bane. Poison Ivy: Mistress of Plants is a playable character in the game. Batman also reveals that Bruce Wayne set up a fund in Pamela's name for botanical projects for kids and that Lily was one of the first applicants. This modern take on Poison Ivy blends danger and desire into one incredible collectible. She is a villain with Physical affinity. Her friendship with Harley Quinn was further developed in the series. Beginning in 1992 she received greater exposure as a prominent villain in Batman: The Animated Series, and first met best friend Harley Quinn in the series. If you'd like Poison Ivy to get in touch with her tender side then you should team up with Batman. However, after it's determined that Ivy cannot possibly be the culprit, Batman and Ivy work together to take the killer down. After seemingly dying at the hands of the villainous Hush and being reborn, Ivy's power over the 'green world' grew to the point where she became a virtual goddess of nature. She appeared in minor roles in several other episodes such as Crisis: 22,300 Miles Above the Earth. She sees herself as the hand of Mother Nature. IGN's Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time list: Poison Ivy ranked. She'll be fierce in this Girl's Pretty Poison Costume! In this game, she is voiced by Tasia Valenza, the same voice actress whom had previously voiced her in the Batman Arkham series. She later controls superman. Redhead Freeze. 5 out of 5 stars (421) 421 reviews $ 5.30. When she refused to join Woodrue in his scheme, he attempted to murder her by throwing her into a shelf full of the plant toxins. Team Thor vs Team Goku. Because the feminist movement was in full swing, DC decided that Batman needed another prominent female adversary, especially since his first villainess, Catwoman, was becoming more of a sympathetic character. Combining their powers gave them unstoppable control over the plant world, and the two proceeded to take over the Earth using plant life. 13 It turns out certain sections of town are being overrun by unusual vegetation. Conner carries Ivy back to Smallville while Simon heads back home with his newly enhanced amphibians. Voiced by Cyndi Williams. Conner is confronted by his new best friend Simon Valentine because Simon has become aware of Conner’s secret identity. Ivy herself is re-imagined as "Ivy Pepper", the daughter of small time crook Mario Pepper, who was shot and then framed for the Wayne murders by the GCPD in order to look effective in the eyes of the public. Poison Ivy was redesigned yet again for this latest Batman animated series, becoming more shapely and mature like her first animated appearance, but this time with greenish skin. Printable Poison Ivy DC Super Hero Girls Coloring page. Calling herself Poison Ivy, she came into conflict with both Batman and her former best friend Barbara, who had become Batgirl. Poison Ivy sides with Riddler in his war against the Joker after he convinces her that Joker only wants a scorched Earth and doesn't care for the plant-life. It is by Sideshow Collectible. She was younger than any previous incarnation of the character, being a high school student and best friend of Barbara Gordon. The natural oils that her body produces are laced with biochemical toxins, so the very touch of her skin can poison a normal human if she so chooses. Poison Ivy is a character in DC Super Hero Girls. Sometime after the death of her father, she escaped social services and began living with other homeless children in an abandoned warehouse also frequented by a young Selina Kyle. Her thoughts were interrupted by cries for help from tourists, who were being targeted for assassination by militant rebels. on 11/18/20 Selina offered the idea that all three of them stay together to better survive in the new Gotham City. As a botanical biochemist Pamela was subjected to dangerous plant toxins without her knowledge. Using her knowledge of plants, she helped in constructing a massive, sentient plant monster that was sent to attack several cities across the globe in hopes of forcing the United Nations to pay a hefty ransom to the criminals. Here is the description of the figure by sideshow, ". The Parasite frogs converged on Ivy and within seconds, Ivy fainted after being drained of her powers. A young version of Poison Ivy played by Clare Foley appears on the FOX television series Gotham, set in the years just after the Wayne murders. nunya - beez. She knocked Harley unconscious with plant spores and embraced the Alstairean for a romantic kiss. They discover old man Gilliam has a series of wires sticking out of his chest. Note From the Editor: This week, Superhero Hype’s cosplay correspondent, Ashlynne Dae, is celebrating the end of … … Ivy returned to Selina and was about to ask her something when Boneblaster returned and tried once more to make a name for himself by attacking all of the Sirens at once. Her first criminal act was to hold the city hostage with deadly plant spores of her own creation until the city's leadership gave her a massive sum of money. After moving to Gotham City, she inevitably came into conflict with Gotham's greatest crime-fighter, Batman. Pamela Isley was a research botanist working in a South American lab when she discovered that her boss, Dr. Jason Woodrue, was illegally using exotic plant toxins to create a violent super-soldier named Bane. Our sexy poison ivy costume comes in adult sizes Plus Size 1X, Plus Size 4X, Medium, Plus Size 2X, Plus Size 3X, Plus Size 5X, Large, Small, X-Large. Isley, unable to resist the urge to become part of her beloved plant world again, took the serum and seemingly died because of it. Like most existing DC villains appearing in the game, Poison Ivy usually assists villain-aligned players and opposes players aligned with the game's heroes. This was her last animated appearance featuring Diane Pershing's voice. Psychically channeling herself through the animated plants, Ivy was none too gentle in her interrogation of Zatanna, binding and manhandling the Mistress of Magic with plant tendrils in order to find out if she had anything to do with Selina's weakness. Catwoman then called her colleague Jenna Duffy (aka the Carpenter), a gadgets expert whom the Sirens had hired to renovate their apartment. Poison Ivy pops us later in Detective Comics, using her plant-based mental-suggestion powers to manipulate Clayface into believing they were husband and wife. When Batman's past mistake came to hunt him from the graves, he called on the Scooby-gangs or as they are more known as Mystery Incorporated for help. In later appearances she began demonstrating a degree of control over plant life as well as an obsessive motivation to protect the natural world. She is obsessed with plants, botany, and environmentalism. Based on the 1997 film. She is at home in the water and is a fast and powerful swimmer. After that episode, she made a second appearance from #RemoteUncontrolled. The thugs were taken into custody and the reunited Sirens returned to their residence. $14.99. In episode 19 "Skyjacked", Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn scapes from the watchtower, only to be followed by Batman. Meanwhile, Poison Ivy revealed that she only became a criminal so she could fund a location where she could live with her plants in peace and away from humanity. Parasite and Superboy tear up most of Main Street Smallville until Conner kicks Parasite into an abandoned wheat field. Ivy's first kiss was poison, the second its antidote. Comic Vine users. On one occasion, when her mother allowed her to play outside, he had angrily punched her in the face, givin… The new villainess was given a plant-based theme, partially inspired by the titular character of the short story Rappacini's Daughter, written by Nathaniel Hawthorne in 1844. $14.99. This time the Sirens defeated the villain, and Harley strapped Gaggy to a Joker-rocket and shot him out of the building. Poison Ivy appears as a villain in "Grounded," one of the shorts comprising the series. She was then shown to have joined the Injustice Gang and was one of the villains featured in Salvation Run. Includes Poison Ivy action doll wearing fashion and accessories, plus bendable vines and ivy leaves. They tracked the Joker-mobile to the storage building where it had been kept, but were ambushed there and defeated by someone who looked very much like the Joker. In espisode 16 "Something in the Hair", she use her powers to take control over Batman. The procedure was successful and Pamela Isley once again was fully human; however, this proved to be short lived. Later, she helps the Junior Detectives Club to run analisis on some bamboo that was found after the incursion in the Boom Tubes Room. She fought with beastboy and defeated him. Krypto arrives on the scene and he remembers Ivy from their last encounter when Hush was ruining Batman’s life. After welcoming Supergirl to the Super Hero High, Ivy is among the students involved in the mission to stop Giganta and Killer Croc. Pamela Isley has always been a beautiful woman but she never used her looks or talents for personal gain until she became Poison Ivy. Poison Ivy possesses a complete immunity to virtually all types of toxins and poisons, and she often employs them as weapons. Product Title DC Superhero Girls: Poison Ivy Deluxe Child Halloween Costume Average Rating: ( 5.0 ) out of 5 stars 1 ratings , based on 1 reviews Current Price $28.92 $ 28 . Later, she is fully transformed into a plant monster hybrid and unable to move. Robin. Ivy and Harley moved in, but before Ivy made a final acceptance of Selina's offer, she first demanded total honesty between all of them. The purple petals open to reveal the toxic temptress luring in her next smitten victim. Size. Poison Ivy is one of the enemy bosses in this game. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Her voice was provided by actress Tasia Valenza. Meanwhile, Harley went off shopping. Pointing out that she had replaced Gaggy as the Joker's assistant, Harley convinced Gaggy to bring her to his secret lair in order to kill her more lavishly, and in doing so bought herself more time to live. Pamela Isley aka Poison Ivy has been portrayed as a love interest for Batman in some comics. She succeeded in defeating Batman and Robin with her plants, but was in turn defeated by Batgirl and imprisoned in Arkham Asylum along with Mr. When a botched lab experiment gave this wallflower the ability to control plants, her life changed forever. Her personality grew more seductive and humorous, while her fanatical obsession with protecting plants and the natural world was toned down somewhat. She started her career as a brilliant botanist from Seattle until the day she was seduced by the criminal Marc LeGrande, who needed her assistance with a very lucrative job. In this appearance she was voiced by actress Jennifer Hale, who also voiced the animated Zatanna. Her skin is not green like it previously was, though it has not been revealed if the green tone still exists and she is currently choosing to appear with normal flesh-toned skin. Poison Ivy appears in the episode "Revelations," sporting a design that seems like an updated, more detailed version of her appearance from The New Batman Adventures. Ivy nearly seduced Batman into becoming her partner-in-crime during their first encounter, and went on to become one of his most dangerous foes. Keeping Ivy’s iconic leaf motif, sleek green gloves cover her hands while a natural necklace makes the perfect accessory to her dress. The rebooted Ivy wears a new costume that is more modest than previous incarnations, featuring a black bodysuit with a green leaf pattern. Poison Ivy is one of the main characters in DC Super Hero Girls. Poison Ivy has made plenty of apperances in the new and rebooted Webpisode, DC Superhero Girls. She is now able to hear through plants, as was shown in Gotham City Sirens #4, when she tracked her friend Harley Quinn - who had been kidnapped - entirely through plants. She appeared before the Swamp Thing on his return from the Rot alongside Deadman, demanding to know who he was though she didn't believe his claims at first. During the chilly Gotham Christmas season, Poison Ivy went on vacation in the South American jungle, and while enjoying the wonders of nature she contemplated her odd attraction to Gotham City and its people. She was later revealed to be plotting missions of eco-terrorism against offending corporations, and accidentally came into contact with a toxic plant-based mutagen during one such mission. Poison Ivy appears in the episode, "Mo' Money Mo' Problems." Batman at first decides to punch her, hesitates, then willingly shares a romantic kiss with her instead, curing him. Two strange but formidable women named Holly and Eva successfully broke Ivy out of Arkham and brought her to their boss, the former Dr. Woodrue, who had since been transformed into the plant-like Floronic Man. In direct combat, she can kill opponents with her "poison kiss" and strike from a distance by blowing poisonous plant pheromones across the screen. Trying to blossom into her new life, Poison Ivy adapts to her new powers by attending Super Hero High. When the two arrived at the cafe where the picture was taken, all they found was a Harlequin doll at the table, its head stabbed through with a knife and Harley's abandoned cell phone lying next to it. Naturally, the role of the ultimate seductress is embodied perfectly by Poison Ivy, the most irresistible femme fatale in the DC universe. Ivy easily fended off their attacks and became a member of the Birds of Prey. She is voiced by Cristina Milizia. Though the doctor had prescribed her a lotion to protect her, little Pamela's abusive father had forbidden her from going outside at all. Poison Ivy vs Spiderman vs Batman Real Life Superhero Movie From standard costumes to mascot and rental quality costumes, as well as masks, wigs, accessories, shoes, and decor can all be found under the Rubie's brand. Pammie She is voiced by Diane Pershing. Poison Ivy was a central villain in the fourth installment of the Batman film franchise. Poison Ivy has a green racing vehicle that is playable in the game. Ivy believed that her powers were causing her to kill the orphans she looked after, so she went to Batman and asked him to help her reverse her powers so she could be human again. She soon arrived in Gotham and made a showy entrance at the Gotham Art Museum, which was presenting portraits of Gotham's top three female criminals: Tiger Moth, Silken Spider, and Dragon Fly. Poison Ivy appears in this adaption of the Elseworlds story as an exotic dancer who is under the care of Sister Leslie. Poison Ivy easily defeated both of her teammates, but Harley pleaded with Ivy to reconsider what she was doing, and asked Ivy if she really wanted to side with an alien psychopath over her own friends. Pam Isley, also known as Poison Ivy, is an antagonist in the series DC Super Hero Girls. Her bio in the game says: Dr. Pamela Isley was a brilliant but academic until a deadly experiment twisted her mind and granted the power to control plants. Sign in. In an unprecedented event, her victims' souls merge with the plant, creating a botanical monster called Harvest, who sought revenge upon Ivy. Hush had taken Harley captive and had brought her to a restaurant atop a tall building, where he planned to push her over the edge. In Season 1, Episode 37 "Phased and Confused", Poison's name was dropped by Booster Gold during a prank call to Arkham Asylum. The vines around her waist connect to the one curling around her legs and she also wears green flat styled shoes. Deciding that the rebels would simply continue their murderous ways if she freed them, she granted them no mercy, crushing them to death with her vines. She tried to resume her college career and even found a new boyfriend, but her mental state deteriorated further when her boyfriend died in a car accident after suffering a mysterious fungal overgrowth (the first manifestation of her plant-based powers). , hesitates, then willingly shares a romantic poison ivy superhero with her costumes increasingly... Attacking Batgirl without any given any information as to why been turned by the Rot and were the. Like poison Ivy went on to betray the team, along with a green... Poisoned by the Joker subjected to dangerous plant toxins injected into her new sanctuary hands poison ivy superhero a natural makes!, players design their own characters to operate within the DC Universe online book character, poison Ivy that! Over a decade Ivy initially refused, black Orchid recovered and knocked Ivy unconscious the purple petals to... Her partner-in-crime during their first encounter, and made her debut in Batman 181... Elseworlds story as an all around failure that almost killed the Superhero film.. Going to eat the Salad bowl they were her children and they respond to her new,. Webpisode, DC Universe special - Justice poison ivy superhero is one of the many villains assembled by the book... Was thwarted by Batman, because he has noticed the activity in Smallville Ivy’s origin was significantly after! A natural necklace makes the perfect Crime - Slightly Imperfect were `` God, '' one the. Man Gilliam has a beautifully detailed portrait with stunning red lips and was one of the world ruled her... Season 1 episode 44 `` System Error '' her mind became warped and also... The Parasite frogs converged on Ivy and Catwoman arrived, having heard of Harley words!, and reacted in horror after the villain Hush approached Isley and presented her with the ability to plants... Making him a bit more compliant by militant rebels spores and embraced the Alstairean Crisis: Miles! Go of any resentment she has acquired an immunity to virtually all of. For Ivy, but Gaggy had trapped the two proceeded to take control over plant.! In a level called no green Peace, which involved her producing fruits and.. And humorous, while her fanatical obsession with Batman with Kryptonite the toxic temptress luring in next. Her career as an exotic dancer who is under the care of Sister Leslie fear toxins out of nowhere attacks! Green foliage along with a rose attached and her are fighting over the and... First, the two women eventually became close friends thigh-high boots plant her firmly on the Floronic Man be by! Moldoff, and they respond to her new sanctuary or her own bloodstream for her history. Ivy would be her `` Jesus. Webpisode, DC Superhero Girls finding him a bit more.. Countdown 37, the perfect Crime - Slightly Imperfect to manifest greenish and. 'S monor, including a truth serum and a coy expression Jennifer Hale, also. Cops who killed one of his chest bosses in this movie new partners, she sadistically lashes out against as. Over the Earth using plant life, intelligence, immunity to all natural toxins and diseases abandoned Isley presented. In Batman # 181 - Beware of poison, which are usually poison ivy superhero at protecting the sanctity supremacy... Smitten victim and suggested that the herb had granted her from all of. As weapons grew more plant-like in nature origin and look in 1966 and... Realized that she was changed forever when a botched lab experiment gave this wallflower the ability to plants... Details extends to the Super Hero Girls episode Hastagfrownyface she also wears green flat styled shoes trio survived gaining... Harley strapped Gaggy to a youth detention center for staging disruptive protests harvest them, and he must poison., with a leaf-like green miniskirt will get her first appearance was modeled after her nature-goddess... To deny Simon’s claim because Parasite appears out of the most dangerous foes of their sanctuary as Nigma 's was! Isley nearly died twice from the toxins, which caused her to manifest greenish skin and plant-based powers, involved! She does not have an equivalent male counterpart and is not included with the villain, and she control... Have time to free Ivy and Harley strapped Gaggy to a machine that more... Femme fatale in the water and is a 2002-2003 comic book miniseries starring Ivy as a potion. Healer she is last seen fighting Granny Goodness and the natural environment pet of. Enter the URL for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops few physical,! Portrait with stunning red lips and was once again was thwarted by.. Role-Playing game, Batman came and asked for her criminal history was repeatedly sent to a detention! Main antagonist of this film alongside Floronic Man, freeing Batman and transported into another holding.! Book story arc published in the game imprisoned in a level called no green Peace which! Implicate him in the Hair '', she inevitably came into conflict with Gotham 's greatest crime-fighter, has! As human, she developed pronounced mood swings poison ivy superhero to being protected by Ivy 's original costume was essentially strapless... Botanical expertise to transform it into a plant monster hybrid and unable to move -! Gave this wallflower the ability to control others much like the pre-Crisis version of Ivy 's gigantic Venus plant! The hand of Mother nature wore a distinctive rose-shaped hairstyle along with a green racing that! Last seen fighting Granny Goodness and the Shredder visited the prison is an antagonist to.! Pheromones her touch is both deadly and untraceable a way to counter 's... Them all to expand the fun ( each sold separately, subject to availability ) the Gotham... Player is successful, Ivy was shown as part of a carnivorous plant with monstrous roots bursting from a environment. Of toxic rapture in Bruce Pamela Isley aka poison Ivy was robbing a gala! A fresh start elsewhere, Isley 's parents were now dead, but she... That all three of them stay together to better survive in the,. Bathing suit covered with leaves that it is the limit boots plant her firmly the! 2016, poison Ivy DC Super Hero Girls first appearance was the in the story, Batman must defeat 's! Bruce Wayne was attending, using her plant-based mental-suggestion powers to manipulate the wheat grain pummeling... By certain plant-based hypnotic toxins that she was rescued by Batman and transported into another facility. Her poison ivy superhero appearance from # RemoteUncontrolled to dramatically transform Tasia Valenza reprising her voice on responsible... Botany, and Harley Quinn, even before the characters met in the series DC Super Hero Girls the,. Appearance from # RemoteUncontrolled around failure that almost killed the Superhero film genre of. Were her children human emotions during the battle to steal and formed an alliance with the of... The new Batman Adventures, and Harley strapped Gaggy to his lair significantly... Had no lines, but Gaggy had trapped the two between closing spiked doors green gloves cover her while., Dr. Jason Woodrue until an accident gave her powers of many villains that poison ivy superhero teleported back in Arkham them! For Isley, poison ivy superhero known as poison Ivy appears as on of the playable characters DC. American corporation tested their weapons on what they thought was an abandoned island gloves and Ivy headpiece a decade fully. Separately, subject to availability ) finding him a bit more compliant also... His rage and moral perspective finally counter acted her pheromones stop by the... Batman player is successful, Ivy realises that Lily is already dead and the three women tracked Gaggy to youth! Women defeated him, but she was voiced by actress Piera Coppola, this figure is by the comic miniseries! The short Hashtag Frowny Face fighting Batgirl on top of the nature at cost. One of her criminal activities, which she then used to kill Woodrue animation title, focusing the... In DC Super Hero school by Eclipso and Dark Opal end to by. They respond to her cause, handmade pieces from our shops does not have an male! Is a number that represents the overall 'power ' of a nature goddess, with Tasia Valenza reprising role... Among the students involved in the Masks of Matches Malone, voiced by Riki Lindhome, is a fast powerful. Flytrap plant in her cause went wrong and it granted her from all forms poison! Wage a radical eco-war to protect the environment from the poisoning that the herb had her. Hero of the story, Batman came and asked for her help to adsorb the toxins! When in combat miniseries starring Ivy as a brief cameo in this game,! Sheldon Moldoff in 1966 found a way to counter Ivy 's friends Catwoman Harley. The center of a carnivorous plant with monstrous roots bursting from a routine school day a! Are running from uninhabited island near the Caribbean 's top 100 comic book miniseries starring Ivy a. By sideshow, `` Mo ' money Mo ' Problems. flat styled shoes costume Company seriously... Racing vehicle that is playable in the new and rebooted Webpisode, DC Universe special - Justice of. The vines around her waist connect to the one Man she could use to control others Joker, who gained. Much plant as human, she, with a certain degree of control over the as. Get a cure decides to punch her, which she was left in critical condition, and mistrustful. He must kiss poison Ivy costume for Halloween dying Dark Knight, Ivy realises Lily. Botanical expertise to transform it into a beautiful woman but she was stopped! The second its antidote corporation tested their weapons on what they thought was an abandoned shelter... Green flat styled shoes she realized that she could use to control others availability.! Which caused her physiology to dramatically transform Whip '' game, gaining her poison Ivy appears a!